Authentic South Australian Indigenous Experiences

Welcome to Kula-Tind-Jeri.


Come along with us and gain an understanding of the history and knowledge of the local Tribes of southern South Australia.

You will learn of the old ways that have been taught and passed down since the dawn of time.

This history and these knowledges are expressed from the old world into a new world with a focus on community capacity building through cultural sharing and adopting new ideas and thoughts.

Our aim is for Tribes and other peoples to live in a world where we all work together for a better world for the future.

Why did Kula-Tind-Jeri begin?

Kula-Tind-Jeri or our business arm The Tribal Expertise Facility was established in November 2019 after much confusion and angst over the service delivery to our peoples. It addresses the top down approaches that were not working and aims to reinvest in the proven old ways to build a better future for all through a bottom up approach which stems from numerous community consultations.


The purpose of the business is provide a service that allows Tribal and other forms of describing ourselves including Indigenous, Aboriginal, First Nations, First Peoples and non-Tribal peoples to gain an understanding of the history and knowledges of the local Tribes of the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, Kangaroo Island and the land and waterways of the Coorong, Southern Ocean, and Lakes Albert and Alexandrina with a focus on community capacity building through cultural sharing. It provides the opportunity to spend quality time with local Tribal peoples and experience a day in their lives discussing cultural capacity building.

Depending on what aspect of the Tribal Expertise Facility the customer chooses, they get the opportunity to experience first-hand knowledge from women, men, youth, elders on such topics as the environment, a discussion on the protection our ancestors estates, the rediscovering of the life of the Original peoples through tourism, learning of a lost and forgotten language and in general discuss with like-minded people our world and building oneness.  

By learning from a local Tribal group on the customs, laws, foods, medicines and other knowledges the customer will partake in a day in the life and share information to build ideas and develop two-way learnings.